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Our focus at Wyatt Elevator is to ensure our customers have the safest, most efficient, most elegant elevator systems possible. That’s why we offer all forms of elevator services — from repair to maintenance, modernization to new upgrades. You can learn more below.


An elevator that is outdated or experiencing frequent downtime can greatly impact the ability of a building to retain and attract tenants, maintain customer satisfaction, and impact the overall value of a building. With a leadership team and workforce possessing decades of experience in elevator maintenance and modernization, Wyatt can help bring your elevator system into the modern era and improve performance — as well as keep customers, clients and tenants satisfied. Beyond assisting with tenant retention, elevator modernization can also result in substantial cost savings – some experts say as much as 60 percent depending upon the age of the system and its components.

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When elevators are not working properly, people notice.  By conducting preventative maintenance on a regular basis, Wyatt will work with you to help avoid unnecessary downtime and breakdowns.  In addition, our maintenance plans can help extend the useful life of your elevators, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

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At Wyatt Elevator, we believe we have the best team in the Tri-state area.  From the company leadership down to the our maintenance and repair teams, your satisfaction is our TOP priority.  We are so confident in the quality of our work that we pledge to stand behind the services and products we provide to our clients.  We are not happy, until our clients are happy.  In addition, we will also provide repairs and other services for elevators installed by other companies.  Our experts are experienced with a wide variety of elevator models and types.  If you are tired of inferior customer service and extended down times, Wyatt Elevator is your best choice.

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At Wyatt Elevator, our experienced team can also manage the process for installing a variety of different upgrades to your elevator system.  This includes component upgrades such as door operators and equipment, fixtures, control panels and controllers, hydraulic valves and pump units. We also specialize in safety and communication upgrades, such as phone systems compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act; infra-red (IR) safety edges for use on static and dynamic elevator door systems; elevator alarm bells & ADA phones; and anti-abduction infant and child protection systems for elevators.  Wyatt Elevator also provides a range of aesthetic upgrades to elevator interior cabs that can help improve client retention.  This is often overlooked by many facilities mangers, but should not be ignored.  As one industry expert noted, “The expensive components are what building occupants never see.  It’s worth spending $1,000 to upgrade cab panels and aesthetics to let tenants know you’ve upgraded the system.” ​​​​​​​

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